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Flotsam October 21st, 2009

So, yes. I’ve far too many blogs, so some of them fester a bit. I turn them over and take a peek at all the bugs and worms beneath them, once in a while.

There are a few creative projects in the works. One of them became a bit of a monster, and I had to chase it off. I’ve been playing with different media, again, and I’m considering re-tearing this site down, since this latest incarnation was not quite what I wished it to be. Though it is rather annoying to hard-code each html entry, I certainly enjoyed the results of that with my previous efforts, both here and on the old “Extrovert” online journal.

Honestly, though, it seems to me that it simply is not very interesting to talk about oneself. Certainly, I disagreed back in ‘98, when I started posting an online journal, but as the Internet has grown, and one must have concerns about hurting this feeling or that or offending, well, anyone, I’ve found it less entertaining to talk about my own life out here for the whole world to examine.

Not that that seems to be a present worry. I only hear from spammers re: this space. Hope they like the new post.

It does come down to this: The Internet is full of plenty of screaming wankers, and I’m trying to limit my wanking.

You’re quite welcome.

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